Organic My Skin

Organic My Skin

Welcome to Organic My Skin

a 100% holistic minded spa

a 100% holistic minded spa

from the products to the services provied, all will be organic and edible. only raw, fresh, natural, ingredients used. from the safest form of hair removal for the most sensitive clients to the most nourishing, calming, edible form of skincare that works!

sugaring hair removal

sugaring hair removal

NEW CLIENTS... 20% off first time clients for one selected area. Sugaring is made of organic sugar, lemon, and water, used to remove your unwanted hairs. Sugar paste does not adhere to the skin only to the hair follicles leaving you with less irritation and no damage to the skin itself unlike wax. This is the perfect solution for "sensitive" clients." (Which aren't we all when it comes to hair being removed!)

Customized Organic Skincare

Customized Organic Skincare

Did you know? It takes less than 30 seconds for the ingredients in the products you apply to your skin to be absorbed into your bloodstream…which means you are basically digesting them!!! Are they safe for you? Would you eat them? Here at Organic My Skin all ingredients used on the skin will be 100% organic and edible. All treatments are customized down to the products and time you use. Call or text me to discuss which treatment options are right for you! (469) 438-9893 NEW CLIENT SPECIAL: $10 off FIRST skincare treatment.”

Our Offers

Meet Lauren Yeager Owner of Organic My Skin

Lauren loves sharing her passion for organic skin care and sharing knowledge with her clients. She enjoys seeing her client’s results and how pleased they are. The feeling of lifting another individuals spirits up by helping them look good and feel their best gives her happiness and peace of mind.


Lauren has over 8 years experience in the esthetic world.  She has worked at day spas, resorts, doctor’s offices, laser hair removal clinics, wax centers and hair salons. She specializes in organic skincare and sugaring.

Lauren’s Story

For the past several years, Lauren’s father has been sending her emails and texts proving facts as to the amount of toxins being put into our daily items. Finally, Lauren gave in. She started with reading “Absolute Beauty” by Pratima Raichur, which is now one of her favorites. This book opened her eyes to trying things the natural way. Her own skin was problematic. After switching to all organic skincare for her skin she saw better results than she had ever seen through anything else. Seeing as your skin is the largest organ on your body, she realized that you shouldn’t be putting anything on your skin that you couldn’t eat. This in return changed all of her views. She is excited to continue her education and share with others.

Lauren’s Vision

Lauren serves holistic minded individuals, men and woman of any age/race who have a desire to learn and a deep desire to take care of themselves. Organic My Skin is going to be known for raw ingredients, holistic minded treatments, amazing positive energy, knowledge, and for anybody in or visiting the Dallas area who are in need of skin care and hair removal the oraganic way.



About Us
Sugaring Care


Customized Organic Skincare
70 min edible facial $85
40 min. edible facial $50
45 min organic microdermabrasion $65
90 min. edible facial with Microdermabrasion facial $125
Enzyme Peel $15
Consultation only $15 can be deducted from first facial treatment)
(organic microdermabrasion uses 100% organic walnut grains to exfoliate the surface layer of dead skin. This treatment is not suitable for people with peanut allergies)
Sugaring Hair Removal
Full face 45
Brow shaping 16
Chin or Neck or Nose or Facial Cheeks 15
Underarm 20
Abdomen 25
Areola 10
Chest + abdomen or Full Back 50
Full back and shoulders 60
Low back patch 15
Lower or upper back 25
Full glutes 30
Glute Strip 15
Happy trail 10
Sugaring Hair Removal Cont...
Deep Bikini $40
Deep bikini 35
Women’s Brazilian 60
Women’s Full legs 65
Women’s Lower legs 35
Women’s Upper legs 40
Women’s full arms 40
Women’s Half arm 30
Men’s Brazilian 75
Men’s full legs 75
Men’s lower legs 45
Men’s upper legs 50
Men’s full arms 50
Men’s half arms 40

Pre Sugaring Hair Removal

  • no chemicals peels 72 hours prior service
  • no tanning bed 24 hours prior to service
  • sun exposure is not recommended prior to service especially if skin has been burnt/peeling
  • gentle exfoliation is recommended the day before your service
  • loose fit clothing is recommended for the day of your service
  • breath deep, relax, it’s all going to be worth it!

Post Sugaring Hair Removal

  • anything to make you sweat 24 hours after your service is not recommended
  • cooler / more quick shower is recommended after service. Too much heat can create a heat rash type reaction
  • avoiding products with chemicals, fragrances, and color dyes is recommended as these things are your skins biggest irritant
  •  exfoliation is a must to help eliminate ingrown hairs and keep follicles moving as they grow out.
    please please please don’t hesitate to call/text/ or email me if any problems come up
Facial Packages

1st and formost, time is a irreplaceable thing. I appreciate your time just as much as my own. I book clients back to back allowing myself and the client reasonable time. Let's Talk Policies

  • Credit Card will be required to hold a appointment. If you are using a voucher or gift card this is only to reserve and hold your spot.
  • 24 hours is required to cancel your appointment with no charge.
  • less that 24 hours cancellation you will be charged 50% of service price
  • no call/text/email aka no show for appointment you will be charged 100% of service price.
  • emergency? please reach out to me. I understand life happens.
  • “3rd times a strike” if there is a repeat of no shows / and or less than 24 hour cancellations 3 times I will need to get payment up front prior to any appointment booking.
  • I allow ONE voucher per person
    • these polices are only in effect to protect my time and others. Thank you for your understanding.

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